DVD - The New Answers DVD 2

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ICM Price £9.99

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What do you really believe - and why does it matter to your life, your family, and your faith? We live in a culture with more questions than ever - questions that affect one's acceptance of the Bible as authoritative and trustworthy. This DVD features easy-to-understand answers to some of the most-important apologetics quandaries of today. You'll love these highly stylized mini-interviews, featuring authors from the best-selling books. This DVD contains twelve answers, each about 4-minutes in length.This DVD answers the following questions:

* Did Humans Really Evolve from Apelike Creatures? (Menton)

* Does the Big Bang Fit with the Bible? (Lisle)

* What's Wrong with Progressive Creation? (Mortenson)

* Is the Intelligent Design Movement Christian? (Purdom)

* Can Creationists Be 'Real' Scientists? (Lisle)

* What's the Best 'Proof' of Creation? (Ham)

* Doesn't the Order of Fossils in the Rock Record Favor Long Ages? (Snelling)

* Why Is the Scopes Trial Significant? (Menton)

* Was the Dispersion at Babel a Real Event? (Hodge)

* When Does Life Begin? (Mitchell)

* Does Radiometric Dating Prove the Earth Is Old? (Snelling)

* How To Respond to Someone Who Asks, 'Why Is This Important?' (Ham)

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