50 Goriest Bible Stories

By Robb Andy

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ICM Price £4.99

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A sword plunged to the hilt into a super-fat king's blubber, a bloke getting killed by lightning, cold-blooded murder, tons of people drowning, scary skin diseases, famines, earthquakes - loads of gross and gory things happened in Bible times! In this book you'll find 50 of the goriest!

Among this collection are the stories of Cain and Abel, Abraham and Isaac, Moses and his rebellious relations, David and Goliath and Judas Iscariot. Each story has a cliffhanger ending - and a short Bible passage to look up so you can find out what happened next.

All this plus some thoroughly gruesome cartoons - what more could you want?

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Publisher CWR
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781853455308
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