Games, Games, More Games

By Jones Tirzah

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ICM Price £6.99

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Do you ever find yourself planning your youth work and struggling to think of games? There are often plenty of resources for craft ideas, activity ideas and talks but what about those times when all you want is some games ideas?

I have been involved in youth work all my life, growing up in a Pastor's family I was an observer and participant from birth then for many years have been involved in Sunday School, youth groups, camps, church weekends etc.

As a youth worker I have often been struck by the lack of suitable resources when planning games. This collection of 101 games covers a variety of ages and contexts. Many of these games are not original, you may recognise them under another name, or with slightly different rules. They are a collection that I have picked up over the years doing youth work, some I was taught as a child and have been in circulation for years, others I have learnt from fellow youth workers.

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