God's Word in Our Hands

By Williams J B

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Like a clean-edged sword, God's Word in Our Hands cuts through the current confused and schismatic clatter on the subject of biblical preservation. These conservative and God-fearing authors do the Church great service by presenting us with soul-thrilling evidence of the reliability and durability of the eternal Word.

The historical, Biblical, and theological facts demand affirmative answers to these vital questions. Pastors, who are also missionaries, Bible translators, and college and seminary professors, express the conviction the God has providentially preserved His Word. The great commission given by Christ Jesus necessitates the perpetuity of God's revelation. The Scriptures exist and will continue to exist for the proclamation of the gospel and the transformation of lives. The facts that assure us that we can trust our Bible are presented in a manner that will benefit both pulpit and pew:

-What the Bible really says about its preservation.

-What Fundamentalists and other preachers of the past have said.

-How copies of the scriptures were located and identified.

-What effect differences in ancient manuscripts have upon translations.

-How variations in readings affect our understanding of the Scriptures.

-Why translation into the various languages of the world is so complex.

-Why God has preserved His Word.

-What believers can learn from the discussions of preservation.

-Can we really be certain that the Bibles we use are the Word of God.

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