Sure Word of God

By Thomas Geoff

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Sure Word of God by Geoff Thomas and published by Bryntirion Press.

Biblical infallibility is a subject of crucial importance. There are people who say that this doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture is utterly unacceptable in the modern age. The author asserts that Scripture is the only ground for Christian belief and practice and is utterly reliable and profitable for all things and for all times.

Are you knocked sideways by the scientific and intellectual opinions of the present day? The author has a high view of Scripture. 'When I take this Bible in my hand, I am holding a mighty work of God. I have something unique . . . I have this great intrusion from heaven, this book that comes from another world in which we may hear the unique utterances of the Son of God.'

Are you looking for the key to 'the happy Christian life?' Find Christ in the Scripture and be satisfied. The writer gives solid practical advice on how this duty might be carried out with joy.

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Publisher Bryntirion
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781850492238
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