God's Thoughts & Ways are Above Ours

By Shower John

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ICM Price £17.99

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John Shower, a 17th century English Puritan Pastor, has one main doctrine to expound in this book: the pardoning mercy of God is the most valuable mercy.

AS this book reminds us there is no blessedness in this world like that of knowing that we are forgiven.

And yet God does not merely pardon, but according to Isaiah, He will abundantly pardon.

It is here that we most see how different God's ways and thoughts are from ours.

While man struggles to forgive, God abundantly pardons.

But first the sinner must forsake his ways and thought and then return to the Lord, and embrace God's ways and thoughts which are higher than the heavens are above the earth - and so is His forgiveness.

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Publisher Soli Deo Gloria
Type Hardback
ISBN 9781573581493
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