Leave Dating Behind

By Rogers Christina

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ICM Price £2.99

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Have you felt the heartbreak of modern relationships?

Have you watched marriages fall apart?

Have you wondered if there's any hope?

Christian young people usually understand the ideal destination in a relationship, but they have no idea how to get there. This book paves the road inch by inch and breaths life into a God-honoring relationship, by offering a romantic biblical alternative to the dating philosophy.

NOT another sermon, a formula, or simply a story, Leave Dating Behind is written by someone young who has been there. Christina Rogers chose to reevaluate modern relationships and implemented a new philosophy within her own courtship. Despite unbelievable struggles, including her parent's divorce, Christina and her husband Sheldon shared their first kiss on their wedding day, and demonstrate inspiring proof that God's way works. Leave Dating Behind describes the flaws of dating, tackles courting misconceptions, and presents the four necessary principles of a Godly relationship. This book is fun, entertaining and an easy read. You will be encouraged that no matter your background or personal situation, following God's road is the only answer to decades of heartbreak and regrets.

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Type Paperback
ISBN 9781932307818
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