Bible Oases

By Powell Ivor

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ICM Price £6.99

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Bible Oases: Spiritual Refreshment From Unlikely Places by Ivor Powell and published by Kregel Publications.

Ivor Powell provides the Christian reader with fresh and challenging insights as he examines the less popular portions of the Bible and their significance for the believer. He writes "To reach an Oasis with its palm trees, shade and life-sustaining water is an unforgettable experience... I appreciate the 'hard to understand' verses in the Bible and have been refreshed by the living water which came from unlikely places." Some of the many "spiritual oases" included in this volume are:

The Four Altars of Abraham

The Cities where Gates Never Close

The Great Physician Who Made House Calls

Rare Collectibles of the Faith

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Publisher Kregel
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780825435201
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