Inside the Royal Black Institution

By Malcomson Paul

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ICM Price £11.99

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From the Preface: "Who are the "Blackmen" and what exactly are they all about?

This is a question many have asked over the year and have never really managed to get a satisfactory answer to it.

Whilst there is a wealth of material available on our fraternal societies such as Freemasonary and the Orange Order, there is, unfortunately, very little data of real substance on the Royal Black Insitution. Where other brotherhoods have failed, the "Black" has largely succeeded inconcealing its internal secrets and mysteries from the outside world.

In the pages of the book there is a large amount information which has never been revealed to the public before and for the first time this book examines the internal rites of the Royal Black Institutions to see how they have any place within mainstream Evangelical Protestantism.

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Publisher Evangelical Truth
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780955621895
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