Dying to Speak: Meditations from the Cross

By Carter Anthony

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Dying to Speak: Meditations from the Cross by Anthony Carter and published by Presbyterian & Reformed.

Everyone dies. No one died like Jesus. Unlike any other person, Jesus knew when he would die. He knew how he would die. He knew what his death would accomplish. Thus, we can be assured that Jesus's last words on the cross were full of meaning-they hold an intentional and redemptive significance.

Anthony Carter and Lee Fowler take a brief, devotional look at each of our Savior's final seven sayings on the cross. These words reveal who Jesus is: the Son of God, Messiah, Shepherd of our souls, Savior of the world. They also tell us who we are to be because of him: forgiven, saved, loved, reconciled, refreshed, complete, and satisfied. The work and words of Christ accomplish and announce the good news of salvation by grace, and our response is the joy of living and loving in light of that good news. With pastoral care, Carter and Fowler remind us of the moving drama of our salvation and the implications of Christ's words for our lives today.

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Publisher Presbyterian & Reformed
Type Hardback
ISBN 9781629958781
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