Beyond Radical

By Edwards Gene

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ICM Price £9.99

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Beyond Radical by Gene Edwards and published by Classics Publications.

* What if you found out that nothing we Protestants practice originated in the first century?

* What if you found out that almost all of the things we evangelicals practice originated in the last 500 years?

* What if you discovered that those practices originated quite by accident?

Then how would you feel if you discovered that we distort history when we try to teach that these practices are all New Testament, existed in the first century, and are right out of the Word of God!

Would that discovery affect your life? If not, you need not read this book on the history of the origin of Christian practices. But if you happen to be bored with the present-day practices of Christianity, then you will find this to be one of the most exciting pieces of literature you have ever read.

This book could make a radical out of you. For a few, it might even move you Beyond Radical.

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