All For Jesus: The Life of W P Nicholson

By Barnes Stanley

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All For Jesus: The Life of W P Nicholson by Stanley Barnes and published by Classics Publications.

This is a thrilling account of the life and work of Ulster’s best known evangelist, the Rev. William Patteson Nicholson. In this biography, the author seeks to introduce “W. P.” as he was affectionately known, to a new generation of readers who perhaps are not aware of the achievements of this unique preacher of the Gospel.

As a result of his United Gospel Campaigns in the early 1920’s, thousands were brought to Christ. Converts came from every section of the community. Protestants and Catholics, publicans and drunkards, gunmen and thieves, religious church goers and “down and outs”. All knelt before God in repentance, confessing their need of Christ and crying for mercy.

It was a sad day for the Devil and a glorious day for the Kingdom of God when W. P. Nicholson was converted and subsequently called to do the work of an evangelist.

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