Shall We Know One Another in Heaven?

By Ryle J C

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Shall We Know One Another in Heaven? by J C Ryle, with C H Spurgeon, Billy Sunday, D L Moody & Robert M'Cheyne.

In the Bible, both Paul and John were spoiled for life on planet earth after they had experienced Heaven. They were never the same again. They had a preview of glory as the curtain was drawn aside. Their appetites had been whetted so such an extent that they channelled their energies into sharing with others the discoveries they made on their memorable mission.

That is precisely why this book has been compiled from the ministries of five noble worthies from a past generation. They’re all different, but they have all made their mark for God. Moody, Spurgeon, Ryle, Sunday and M’Cheyne in their anointed preaching have left us a rich and valuable heritage. Even with the passage of time, the message is untainted with time, and is both fresh and fragrant, serious and sublime.

Reading through these pages your heart will be warmed with the realisation that there are exciting days ahead. Yes, we are born for Glory and we’re bound for Glory. We’re going home...

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