Kingdom of God Future

By Govett Robert

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Kingdom of God Future by Robert Govett and published by Classics.

THERE are few subjects which penetrate so deeply into the doctrine and practice of the New Testament as that of “The Kingdom of Heaven,” or “THE KINGDOM OF GOD.” It seems to me, that there are also few subjects on which clear and true views would be more beneficial to the church. What then was the Lord’s testimony concerning it in the Old Testament?

In Isaiah 2 it was foretold, that the temple should in that day be lifted up on a height conspicuous from afar, and that the nations should journey thereto. Jerusalem should be the place where God’s word would be taught, and whence it would go forth. The Lord should rule the nations; and as the result of His righteous rebukes, peace should be established everywhere. The weapons of war should be forged into the tools of peace, as no longer needed for the destruction of men, or the defence of life and property. Israel should walk in the light of God’s countenance. Was this fulfilled by the Gospel?

Only so far, that the doctrines of Christ were sent forth from Jerusalem. But the other points have not been fulfilled; there is scarce a semblance of their fulfilment.

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