When the King Comes Back

By Smith Oswald J

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When the King Comes Back by Oswald J Smith and published by Classics.

“The prophets ... testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.” (1 Peter 1:10, 11; 4:13; 5:1 and Luke 24:26). Do we take the predictions regarding the sufferings of CHRIST literally? Of course we do. Then why not the predictions of His glory? They, too, will be fulfilled, every one of them; otherwise the prophets spoke falsely and the Old Testament is not GOD’s book.

Throughout the Old Testament Scriptures we are told of a world-wide dispersion.

The Jews were to become wanderers among the nations. Were these predictions fulfilled? Did the Dispersion take place? Was Israel carried away captive? Does history record such a dispersion? Are we to take these prophecies literally, or should they be spiritualized? How dare we spiritualize His glory when we do not spiritualize His sufferings? What right have we to say it is all fulfilled in the Church when we know perfectly well that a kingdom has been promised, a kingdom to be set up on earth? No, my friends, every prediction will be literally fulfilled.

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