Aid Us in Our Strife - Volume One

By Neil Arthur

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ICM Price £13.99

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Aid Us in Our Strife - Volume One by Arthur Neil and published by Classics.

Spiritual life today is like walking across a minefield. Supernatural agencies and activities are so evident not just in the world but also in many areas of church life. When crossing a minefield one is safer with a mine-detector rather than to arrogantly “go it alone.” Aid Us in Our Strife, Volumes One & Two are like a detector recognising the evil ones and showing us how they can be overcome. These are not just more books about Spiritual Warfare, but its about our relationship with the Lord and the security and strength that we have by living and resting in His strength. These volumes refresh us in the assurance that “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”

Volume One consists of Four Sections of which are:

* The Scope and Strategy of Satan

* Spiritual Intelligence in the Warfare: Secret Service and Holy Sagacity

* The Holy Spirit: The Supreme Spiritual Instructor

* Seven Fold Issues of Victory

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Publisher Classics
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