How to Know God's Will

By West Robert

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ICM Price £1.99

RRP: £2.50 (Saving of 20%)

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How to Know God's Will by Robert West and published by Barbour Publishing.

God's will may seem mysterious, but the Bible lays out many clear guidelines for us. How to Know God's Will explains both its general and personal aspects. New from the author of the best-selling How to Study Your Bible and The Ten Commandments.Then and Now, this book covers the topic in six clear, easy-to-read chapters: * Understanding God's Will * Jesus and God's Will

* Christian Living and God's Will

* Discovering God's Will

* Suffering and God's Will

* My Will and God's Will.

Offering clear Bible teaching and practical encouragement, How to Know God's Will is an ideal book for both personal and group study.

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Publisher Barbour
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781616266639
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