DVD - Living Christianity, Following Jesus in Every Area of Life


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DVD - Living Christianity, Following Jesus in Every Area of Life by The Christian Institute and published by The Good Book Company.

Living Christianity is a series of five studies examining the implications of what it means to live as a Christian in today’s world.

Following Christ transforms all aspects of our lives. Jesus is Lord in our family life, when we are at work, in our responsibilities as citizens, and more. We are required to live faithfully in everything we do. If we want to be faithful and effective Christian citizens, we need to pay particular attention to what it means to truly engage with wider society.

Each session lasts just over an hour, with a short video, Bible study and discussion, and some time for prayer. The course is suitable to use one-to-one, or in larger church and home study groups. The DVD is presented by Dr Chris Sinkinson of Moorlands Bible College with contributions from Richard Cunningham of UCCF, Caz Dodds, Rev Pete Nicholas and Michael Ots.

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Publisher Good Book
Type DVD
ISBN 9781901086591
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