CD - Look Up Child

By Daigle Lauren

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CD - Look Up Child by Lauren Daigle and published by Integrity Music.

Lauren Daigle’s latest release struts out of the gate, powered by a passion for encountering God, and shows that worshipful music can still be musically bold and engaging. With shades of musical powerhouses like Adele and Amy Winehouse, as well as lyrics that speak of being transformed by God in a profound way, Look Up Child is an essential release from the Louisiana singer-songwriter.

At times effortlessly cool, and at other times so passionate you half expect the songs to be delivered through a megaphone, there is a remarkable confidence in Lauren Daigle’s newest album. Not only in her stunning delivery, but in the vulnerability that can be found in the lyrics. "Every part of the music experience, of Look Up Child”, says Lauren Daigle, “shares a profound love, deep-rooted joy, and hopefully a connection to the music for people to share." And it works. The songs instantly connect with anyone searching for hope in hard times.

Proving that Christian music can rival the chart-toppers without sacrificing its heart and identity, Look Up Child is as much a great introduction to modern Christian music as it is an example of what happens when someone follows their God-given creativity. From the sunniness of ‘Your Wings’ to the astounding opening track ‘Still Rolling Stones’, there is plenty to experience and be encouraged by.

Track Listings:

Still Rolling Stones


This Girl

Your Wings

You Say


Love Like This

Look Up Child

Losing My Religion


Rebel Heart


Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Product Details

Publisher Integrity
Type CD
ISBN 0829619167023
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