Four Views of Salvation in a Pluralistic World - Counterpoint Series

By Okholm Dennis

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ICM Price £9.99

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Four Views of Salvation in a Pluralistic World, Counterpoint Series edited by Dennis L. Okholm and published by Zondervan.

This book presents four perspectives on salvation by their major proponents. Each contributor not only presents the case for his view, but is also given the opportunity to critique and respond to the critiques of the other contributors. The four perspectives are:

NORMATIVE PLURALISM - All ethical religions lead to God, by John Hick.

INCLUSIVISM - Salvation is unversally available, but is established by and leads to Christ, by Clark Pinnock.

SALVATION IN CHRIST - Agnosticism regarding those who haven't heard the Gospel, by Alister McGrath.

SALVATION IN CHRIST ALONE - Salvation depends on explicit personal faith in Jesus Christ alone by R Douglas Geivett and W Gary Phillips.

The COUNTERPOINTS series provides a forum for comparison and critique of different views - both Christian and non-Christian - on important theological issues.

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Publisher Zondervan
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780310212768
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