Q & A for Kids: 365 Questions & Answers Journal

By Bowen Scott

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Q & A for Kids: 365 Questions & Answers Journal by Scott Bowen and published by Authentic Media.

Questions and Answers for Kids is a journal that provides a wonderfully unique way to gather your family to intentionally grow together. With this tool, you will be able to ask your kids a question each day for the next three years. This little book will serve your family well as a place to meet together daily to talk about both the silly and the serious and document it along the way. This journal gives your family space to explore together both core questions about building character, such as 'What's the difference between a mistake and a bad choice?', 'What qualities are in a true friend?' and silly questions about the world around us like, 'What animal makes the coolest noise?' and 'What is the worst smell in the world?'.

Together you and your kids will be able to visit the same question on the same day year after year and watch how your child's thoughts about life and the world change. Each question is also partnered with an encouraging verse from the Bible that will help point your family together to the what the Word of God says about the serious and the funny. Their response may be serious, silly, or surprising. This can be a safe place where your child can share their real, authentic self.

The wide range of questions offer a few lines to write a response- an easy way to freeze time for a moment. As you revisit the same question on the same day year after year you and your child will be able to see how their responses change over time, or don t change at all! A wonderful way to get to know your child s unfolding personality as well as an open door to ask the hard questions. This journal will be a keepsake for years to come. A priceless way to get to know your child and help guide them in following Jesus.

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Publisher Authentic
Type Hardback
ISBN 9780997636888
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