A Love Transformed, Sapphire Brides Series

By Peterson Tracie

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ICM Price £8.49

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A Love Transformed, Sapphire Brides Series by Tracie Peterson and published by Bethany House.

Clara Vesper's husband suddenly dies, however she is not grief stricken. The marriage had been arranged. Primarily they interacted around the sapphire jewelry Clara designed and Adolph produced and sold.

She returns to her aunt and uncle's ranch in Montana.

Curtis Billingham was injured in a sapphire mine collapse and is recuperating at the ranch.

Clara was once the love of his life.

Now he feels hs is not worthy of her love.

Adolph's brother and business partner Otto follows Clara to Montana to pursuade her to return to the family business because he is fearful the company will fail with out her design skill.

What dangerous secret in her husbands life can threaten everyone she loves?

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Publisher Bethany
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780764213267
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