Finding Ultimate Reality

By Gooding David & Lennox John

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Finding Ultimate Reality, In Search of the Best Answers to the Biggest Questions by David Gooding & John Lennox and published by Myrtlefield House Publications.

Unless God had first revealed himself to us, we would have nothing to use our intellects on. It is with the knowledge of God as it is in science: God had first to create the universe before the human intellect could study it.

In Book 2 – Finding Ultimate Reality, the authors remind us that the authority behind ethics cannot be separated from the truth about ultimate reality. Is there a Creator who stands behind his moral law? Are we the product of amoral forces, left to create moral consensus? Gooding and Lennox compare ultimate reality as understood in: Indian Pantheistic Monism, Greek Philosophy and Mysticism, Naturalism and Atheism, and Christian Theism.

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Publisher Myrtlefield
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781912721061
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