Philippians - Verse by Verse Commentary - CCS

By Finlay Thomas

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ICM Price £3.99

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Philippians - Verse by Verse Commentary - CCS by Thomas W Finlay and published by Classics.

This commentary is designed to be readable in countries where English is often a second language and where there is not much quality Christian literature available. Though not highly technical, it focuses on the truth of the text in some detail. It also provides helps for accurate interpretation. There are encouraging and challenging “Life Application” sections that bring the truth of the text to bear upon the life of the Christian.

“Tom Finley has written a solid commentary on Philippians whose strength lies in two distinct features: (1) it is written with the application of a consistently literal, grammatical-historical hermeneutic; and (2) it is written in a sublimely simple tone without reducing the book to mere simplicity.

Readers will appreciate this commentary's easy flow coupled with attention to important key themes and concepts that are essential to understand Paul’s intention. The consideration paid to historical context, insights from the original Greek text, and life applications make Tom's work on Philippians a valuable resource for believers, pastors and Christian workers in countries where there is the need of quality Christian literature.” Cory M. Marsh, MA., MDiv., ThM. Bible and Theology Programs Coordinator Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies Southern California Seminary.

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