Pure Church: Recovering God's Plan for Local Churches

By David Skull - Andrew King - Jim Sayers

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Pure Church: Recovering God's Plan for Local Churches edited by David Skul, Andrew King & Jim Sayers and published by Grace Publications.

Over recent years there has been a growing concern for the health of Gospel Churches. That is to applauded wherever it is found, bt very often that concerns has come down to the introduction of a few new items to the church agenda - a Christian foundation course here or a discipleship course there.

However the agenda of this book is different. The vision of this volumet which the authors believe is a New Testament vision, is that the whole way a church should be formed, run and led should work for the health of all its members and for the thriving of the church as a community of God's people. It is a church with an intentional mind-set throughout and a church where all the dots are joined up.

The church of Christ will be completely pure only in that New Creation. But local churches are to be a colony of that 'Pure Church' now, here on earth. This book is a call to work towards that purity.


1. The Visible Church

2. Conversion

3. Baptism

4. Membership

5. The Lord's Supper

6. Discipleship

7. Discipline 8. Independency

9. Leadership 10. Gospel Unity Conclusion Appendix - Covenant of Membership

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Publisher Grace
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ISBN 9781912154159
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