A Historical Sketch of the Brethren Movement

By Ironside Harry

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A Historical Sketch of the Brethren Movement by Harry Ironside and published by Classics.

Perhaps very few Christians who hold to fundamental truths realize how much the Church is indebted to a somewhat obscure of believers which began in the early part of the nineteenth century, known generally as Plymouth Brethren, though they themselves prefer to be called simply “Brethren”, “Christian Brethren” or “Believers.”

A wealth of literature, opening up the Scriptures emanated from this group and has had far-reaching influence around the world. H A Ironside was connected with Brethren for over forty years, and has traced their intricate history volume, including the inception, progress, principles and failures of the Brethren Movement, and the resulting lessons for the present day believers.

The cover photo is of Powerscourt Castle, where some of the early Brethren met for study of prophecy in the 1830’s.

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