Arise, Shine; For Thy Light is Come, The Coming Glories of the Jewish Nation

By Dunbar James

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Arise, Shine; For Thy Light is Come, The Coming Glories of the Jewish Nation by James Dunbar and published by Classics.

Having been brought to Christ in his early years, the author had the privilege of hearing sound ministry of the Word of God. He learned much in this way but in seeking more detailed knowledge of the necessary things of belief, he realised that some things would not harmonize with the rest of scripture.

The city of Jehovah Shammah in Ezekiel xlviii was one such puzzle. He had never heard anyone speak or expound it and in fact when he inquired from other preachers about this matter he was told that “because Israel had back-slidden so God had withdrawn His promise!

Again, he had been taught to believe that the City of the New Jerusalem, would be suspended in mid-air, over the earthly restored city of Jerusalem. Yet if this was true, then how would the leaves fall from heaven, which were to be for the healng of the nations, in the Millennium. He also pondered where the river proceeding out of the throne of God and the Lamb would flow into!

Therefore this book is the result of many happy times of study and it sent forth in dependence on the Head of the Church, for the help of many who, like the Bereans, love to search the Scriptures. The author also hopes that not a few of God’s ancient people will be interested enough to read of the coming glories of the Jewish nations, as well as the city of gems and gold, together with the Temple fully a square mile, that will be the House of prayer for all people.

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