New Testament Theology: Many Witnesses, One Gospel

By Marshall I H

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New Testament Theology: Many Witnesses, One Gospel by I Howard Marshall and published by IVP Books.

Beginning with the Gospels and Acts, proceeding to each of Paul's letters, focusing then on the Johannine literature and finally looking at Hebrews and the remaining general epistles, Marshall repeatedly stops to assess the view. And gradually he builds up a composite synthesis of the unified theological voice of the New Testament. On the way toward this synthesis, Marshall highlights clearly the theological voices of the individual New Testament books. Thus, his New Testament theology serves also as a sort of introduction to the New Testament books, making it double as an attractive complement to book-by-book introductions to the New Testament. Here is a New Testament theology that will not only guide students and delight teachers but also reward expositors with a lavish fund of insights for preaching.


* Offers the mature thought of one of our finest contemporary evangelical New Testament scholars

* Features the diversity and the unity of the New Testament

* Emphasizes the missionary context, motivation and message of the New Testament

* Presents seasoned and trustworthy insights written with clarity

* Chapters devoted to each NT book or group of books serve as theological introductions to each NT book

* Gives synthetic views of similar NT literature as well as whole of the NT

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Publisher IVP
Type Hardback
ISBN 9780830827954
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