Restoring Broken Relationships

By Anderson Neil

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ICM Price £8.49

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Restoring Broken Relationships by Neil T Anderson and published by Bethany House Publications.

Conflict is a part of life, from parent-child tension to sibling rivalries, broken friendships, and battles at work. There is no one who hasn't been wounded by people, and wounds that are not transformed are transferred to others.

Through true stories of people who have found reconciliation with God and with each other, you'll understand how to identify relationship problems and learn how to guide yourself and others through the process of forgiveness. Go beyond mere conflict management to find real solutions.

Jesus came to heal, and without Christ there is no reconciliation. Let this book show you how to give and receive his forgiveness and love so we can live in peace with one another. Experience healing in all your relationships.

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Publisher Bethany
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780764220241
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