Notes on Revelation - CCS

By Van Ryn August

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ICM Price £10.99

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Notes on Revelation - CCS by Arlen L Chitwood and published by Classics.

The author of this volume was well aware of how many books have been written on this subject but his prayer is that the Lord will use the writing to stir the hearts and challenge the faith and zeal of believers.

In the preface August Van Ryn writes: “We have read other views on the Book of Revelation, from post-millennialism to no-millennialism and others in between. Still we feel perfectly convinced in our own soul that the interpretation that come nearest to the full truth is that which sees in this marvellous book the unfolding events (after the first three chapters) still in the future, and God’s judgments during Daniel's seventieth week; that is, during the tribulation that will sweep this world after the Lord has caught His Church to Himself. I am sure, although other interpretation can be made, that the view in this book it the true interpretation.

I do trust the book is not going forth to raise controversial issues. It was written with the sole purpose of stirring Christians to be awake and alert; redeeming the time that remains to us before the Lord comes to take us home.”

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