The Terms of Salvation; A Message For Ministers and Soul-Winners

By Chafer Lewis S

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The Terms of Salvation; A Message For Ministers and Soul-Winners by Lewis Sperry Chafer and published by Classics.

At the risk of being labelled a “legalistic Pharisee” or just “too picky,” this commentator has stressed in most every systematic and topical study of the Bible that salvation can only be given to an individual on the basis of faith alone in Christ alone.

By this concise phrase it is meant that a person obtains eternal life by voluntarily (willful) placing his genuine faith (trust or confidence) in only Jesus Christ and His substitutionary sacrifice on the cross, which is the “act of repentance,” a turning from every other confidence (good works, self-effort, a religious system or anyone or anything else).

This commentator has argued and continues to believe that it at best clouds the issue and at worst misrepresents the “terms of salvation” by attaching anything else to the salvation message, such as stressing repentance [a sorrow for or a turning from personal sin], public profession of faith or the “sinner’s prayer” as an “additional step” in the salvation “formula;” or, to express man’s part in the salvation process in any terms other than that are defined in God’s Word.

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