It Ain't Over Till It's Over

By Kendall R T

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ICM Price £7.99

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It Ain't Over Till It's Over: Persevere for answered prayers and miracles in your life by R. T. Kendall and published by SPCK Publishing.

One of the greatest strategies of the enemy is to convince you to give up on your faith. If he can't succeed at that, then his objective is to persuade you to settle for less than what God has planned for you. Don't give up when victory is just around the corner! For anyone who has ever felt like throwing in the towel, Dr. R. T. Kendall brings divine encouragement. Don't lose hope! Keep running the race. Not only can you finish, but you can also finish well. It's not over! IT'S TIME TO STIR YOUR FAITH TO BELIEVE FOR:

· Miracles that you never thought possible

· Restoration for the most seemingly unmendable marriages

· The return of prodigal sons and daughters

· Healing of bodies, hearts and minds

· Financial provision, blessing and much more!

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Publisher SPCK
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780281076680
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