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ICM Price £79.60

RRP: £119.60 (Saving of 33%)

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KJV Holy Bible, Paperback Edition and published by Thomas Nelson.

Put God’s Word into action with the easy-to-share King James Version Holy Bible. The King James Version has been the standard English-language Bible for centuries. Its literary and devotional qualities continue to penetrate the hearts of every generation, bringing to hungry souls the saving message of Jesus Christ. The easy-to-read type size, plan of salvation, and 30 Days with Jesus reading plan make this Bible perfect for everyone.

Features include:

* Complete text of the King James Version

* ABCs of Salvation

* Life in New Testament Times

* 30 Days with Jesus reading plan

* Ministry, Miracles, and Parables of Jesus

* Easy to read, 8-point type

Product Details

Publisher Nelson
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780718011970
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