Pictures and Parables - CCS

By Lang G H

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ICM Price £14.99

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Pictures and Parables - CCS by G H Lang and published by Classics.

In this book the reader will find a masterpiece on the pictures and parables found in the Bible both in the Old and New Testament.

The purpose of the parables was intensely practical and so is the exposition of them. What was addressed to the original reader and hearer are here applied to believers both to comfort and reproof. The warnings are neither shirked nor softened, yet the truth of the everlasting security of the regenerate is firmly maintained.

So if you want to delve a little deeper, uncover hidden meaning, and study the pictures and parables in their proper setting and context, this book will help you immensely toward that goal. Especially if you are a preacher or Sunday school teacher, you’ll find this volume is a veritable goldmine.

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Publisher Classics
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