David, A Man After God's Own Heart - Flash Card Story

By Hershey Katherine

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ICM Price £9.49

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David, A Man After God's Own Heart, Flash Card Story Book by Katherine Hershey and published by Childrens Evangelism Fellowship. This is a great way to teach children about godliness. This six-lesson series includes:

Israel’s demands for a king

Saul’s disobedience

God’s choice of David to be king

David’s victory over Goliath

Saul’s attempts to kill David

David sparing Saul’s life.

Children are challenged to give God first place in their lives, seek His strength when they are tempted to be disobedient, keep their hearts right with Him, count on Him to give them courage, stop the sin of jealously and do good even to these who mistreat them. Every child needs to learn these life-changing truths. Full-colour flashcard visuals measuring 33 x 24.4 cm with 6 visuals per lesson. CD with Lessons are also included.

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ISBN 1559765089
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