Christ of the Bible and Churches Faith - Mentor Series

By Grogan Geoffery

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ICM Price £6.99

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The teaching of the New Testament about the person of Jesus is vast! So firstly we should realise what this book it not about! It does not deal with the Synoptic problem nor with the problems that have been raised about John's Gospel.

Neither is it a complete survey of Christological views - many of which are long dead not even worthy of mention.

Instead this is a theological study and endeavour to set our the Biblical evidence for our understanding of Jesus and reflect on the theology of this matter in a deep way.

It is also an apologetic study because it also examines the main difficulties which are raised by people who are interested in Jesus, but have yet to commit to Him as well as a help to those who have already committed themselves to Him.

The main aim is to present a Biblical view of Christ.

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Publisher Christian Focus
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781857926620
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