Elisha, The Miracle Prophet - CCS

By Butler John

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ICM Price £12.99

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Elisha, The Miracle Prophet by John Butler and published by Classics.

Miracles were a hallmark of Elisha’s ministry. People from all strata of society benefited from his ministry, which was done in times of great apostasy. As Butler writes: “So it is possible to live faithfully for God and do great things for God even when times are bad – Elisha’s life proves that fact well.” Butler examines Elisha in the following chapters: * The Call

* The Commitment

* The Commencement

* The Curing

* The Cursing

* The Conquest

* The Cruet

* The Chamber

* The Child

* The Caldron

* The Contribution

* The Captain

* The Coveter

* The Chopper

* The Conspiracies

* The Calamity

* The Coincidence

* The Cutthroat

* The Coronation

* The Challenge

* The Cemetery

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Publisher Classics
Type Paperback
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