Caught in the Crossfire

By Aitchison Mary Wemyss

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Caught in the Crossfire, One Woman's Battle for survival in World War II by Mary Wemyss Aitchison and published by Christian Focus Publications.

All of us have to face suffering at some time during our lives. We do not live in a fair world and suffering is not distributed equally. Suffering, in particular the suffering of children and the innocent, disturbs us and it is right that we should be disturbed. It seems so unfair that innocent lives should be torn and twisted by events that lie outside the control of the victim.

Yet, there is another side to suffering. We are constantly amazed at the number of people who, having faced the most appalling circumstances have been able to rise above them. It's as though they have said to themselves, 'I will not be defeated. Suffering will not destroy me. I will make something creative come from it.' In fact, when we stop to think for a moment we realise that most, if not all, creative activity emerges from some suffering. Suffering has the power to destroy. It need not destroy.

This is the story of Janina Pladek. One, who as a schoolgirl witnessed the Nazi occupation of her country. It is a story of great and terrible suffering and yet, it is not that alone. Out of the turmoil and chaos of warfare grows a compassion that extends way beyond Poland to embrace suffering people elsewhere. This is a story of courage and hope.

This story will bring hope to many and not only to those who read it. The author has donated half of all the Royalties to Y Care's work among Street Children. In ways that could never be known to her, Janina Pladek continues to bring a message of hope to thousands.

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Publisher Christian Focus
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781857921496
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