Reformed Dogmatics, Soteriology, Volume 4

By Vos Geerhardus

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Reformed Dogmatics, Soteriology, Volume 4 by Geerhardus Vos, edited by Richard B. Gaffin and published by Lexham Press.

Vos' strong grounding in biblical scholarship and biblical theology makes his Reformed Dogmatics unique, bringing a fresh biblical perspective. Though these volumes are systematic in nature, Geerhardus Vos brings the skills and acumen of a biblical theologian to the task.

Volume four covers Soteriology, continuing and building on Vos' examination of the work of Christ. He discusses the nature of salvation, evidence of salvation in the Holy Spirit and the Church, and the order of salvation (the Ordo Salutis).

Translated and edited by biblical theologian and Vos expert, Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., Vos' monumental work of systematic theology is now available in English, offering scholars, seminarians, and pastors valuable insight into the formative thought of this influential theologian.

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Publisher Lexham
Type Hardback
ISBN 9781577996675
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