Cover to Cover Bible Study - Armour of God

By Penson Lynn

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Cover to Cover Bible Study - Armour of God by Lynn Penson and published by CWR.

Difficulties and challenges do not disappear when we come to faith and perhaps, all too often, we try to deal with them in our own strength. In Ephesians 6, Paul portrays a soldier standing fully protected and strong in his armour. It's a well-known passage, but do we go further than just knowing the armour: being able to list it but not truly and fully applying it to our lives? I

n this seven-week study guide, join Lynn Penson and explore the different pieces of armour, from head to toe, and consider how each part protects, strengthens and empowers us. Discover how these verses remind that: salvation makes a vast difference to our lives; we are loved, valued and forgiven by God; we can be people of integrity, living godly lives; we can replace Satan's lies with God's truth; we can wear the armour both personally and corporately as the Body. The armour is of little value if it is not put on and worn intentionally. So let these words of Scripture become a reality to you and your daily life. The implications are huge. This is an invitation to put on God's strength, protection and power; to be able to face far more than we ever could on our own.

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Publisher CWR
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ISBN 9781782595830
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