Five Glimpses of Grace in The Levitical Offerings

By Weaver Dean

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Five Glimpses of Grace in The Levitical Offerings by Dean Weaver and published by Classics.

The purpose of this manual is to provide the reader with a clearer understanding of the Levitical Offerings and how they pre-figured Christ and His work on the cross.

It is important that the reader takes the time to the Biblical directions for the offerings in

Leviticus, ensuring to read about the offerings as they are listed in the first five chapters of Leviticus, and then read about them in The Law Of The Offerings, in Leviticus 6 onwards.

It is important to read the material slowly. It is not meant to be consumed quickly. This is true concerning all Bible study. Read it like you are eating a good meal. Take time to enjoy what you ingest. Food eaten too quickly will give you problems. Eat slowly to avoid Biblical indigestion. Read about one offering at a time, and that you read it several times in order for it to become more familiar to you.

Afterwards, turn to the questions for review at the end of each chapter, write down your answers and check them with the answer key at the end of the book. This is further reinforcement of what you have read, giving it roots in your memory that will grow into fruit-bearing trees of witness. Pick the answer that best fits the matching questions. Read carefully the true-false questions because one word can make the question false. Choose the best description of the word in the word associations. When you have completed the first chapter and have the correct answers to the questions, move on to the second chapter and follow the same procedures.

Following this plan will give, the author believes the reader will have a greater understanding of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ prefigured in the offerings.

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