Cover to Cover Bible Study - The Beatitudes: The Heart of Jesus' Ministry

By Houghton John

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ICM Price £3.49

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Cover to Cover Bible Study - The Beatitudes: The Heart of Jesus' Ministry by John Houghton and published by CWR.

n the Bible, the Beatitudes identify eight categories of people to whom Jesus offers unconditional grace. They are the spiritually deprived, the grieving, the underdogs, those denied justice, the carers, the idealists, the go-betweens, and the persecuted. Often disqualified and self-disqualifying, Jesus invites them all into a transforming relationship with Himself with no other requirement on their part. All they need do is accept His open-handed invitation. This is the good news of the kingdom of heaven in the here and now. It is the offer of eternal life.

The focus of this study guide is not on orthodox belief, religious performance, or disciplined conduct. Instead, it helps us understand that it is purely our relationship with Jesus that will transform our lives beyond our wildest dreams. We become like Jesus by walking with Him, and in Him our deepest needs are met. We are not simply happy, we are kissed by grace, and we are well and truly blessed!

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