Zechariah: Prophet of Messiah's Glory - CCS

By Unger Merrill

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ICM Price £14.99

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Zechariah: Prophet of Messiah's Glory by Merrill Unger and published by Classics.

The prophecy of Zechariah is profoundly precious to the Christian because of its unique Messianic emphasis and its panoramic unfolding of the events connected with the first and especially the second advent of Christ and the consequent millennial restoration of the nation Israel.

The Prophecy abounds in far-reaching predictive allusions to the person, work, and future glory of the Coming One. Messianic flashes occur everywhere. The whole gamut of events clustering around the Messiah's rejection at His first coming and His acceptance at His second coming, as these affect Israel and the nations, is unfolded with singular fulness and clarity.

Nowhere else is there such a concentrated and rich prophecy of the Messianic prophecy and Zechariah is the Apocalypse of the Old Testament

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