A Commentary on Daniel - CCS

By Wood Leon

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ICM Price £16.99

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A Commentary on Daniel by Leon Wood and published by Classics.

The Book of Daniel stands as a monument to one of the most outstanding personalities of the Old Testament. Daniel, an executive in one of the grand courts of ancient time, stood tall in faith and obedience to God, maintaining a brilliant testimony in spite of the engulfing pagan wickedness. A study of his experiences provides a continual example and challenge to the Christian of any day. God honoured Daniel by inspiring him to write the book called by his name, and gave him remarkable information pertaining to the future through a series of visions.

Because of this information, the book of Daniel has been called the Old Testament’s counterpart to the New Testament’s book of Revelation.

This is a commentary which proceeds verse by verse and phrase by phrase and therefore it deals with virtually every significant question contained in the book.

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