Leaning Into the Wind

By Tozer A W

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ICM Price £6.99

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Leaning Into the Wind by A W Tozer and published by Classics.

What is the way ahead for the church? What does renewal really involve? Are we ready for revival? According to Tozer, Christians must choose: * Easy conversions - or saintliness

* Entrenchment - or trust in the Spirit

* Big business methods - or New Testament principles * Compromise - or a strong resolve to follow God even though it takes all our strength to resist other forces and 'lean into the wind."

'Here is no sweet-talking hero styled in the latest evangelical fashion, but a rugged prophetic voice of an older type. Here are not words of wild invective but blunt rebuke, words to wound but not destroy, designed as a clarion call for God's people to return to long-forsaken positions in order to regain the ground that has been so easily lost.'

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Publisher Classics
Type Paperback
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