The Broken Journey, Aletheia Adventure Series

By Wilkie Eunice

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ICM Price £5.99

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The Broken Journey, Aletheia Adventure Series by Eunice Wilkie and published by Ritchie Christian Media.

The third book in the Aletheia Adventure Series sees the return of Jack Merryweather and Timmy Trial from Book 1. Just before Christmas, Jack and Timmy find themselves in the land of Err, in the middle of a ferocious snowstorm. They are lost and alone, and courageously set out to find their friends who are part of the Christmas mission in the town of Broken. There are many dangers and troubles on the journey, and, at last, they are so fiercely attacked by the Meddlers of Err that they can go no further.

But there is a purpose in their strange and broken journey: Jack and Timmy must take one more trek into danger to help someone who is badly broken. They really need rescuing themselves, so how can they rescue the lost? Do the two boys have the faith and courage to battle against the creatures of Err? And will they ever make it to safety in time for Christmas?

Through the adventure, this book explores the Biblical truth of what it means to be made a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST JESUS.

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Publisher Ritchie
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781909803985
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