All Places to Go... How will You Know?

By Ortberg John

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All Places to Go... How will You Know? by John Ortberg and published by Tyndale House.

Very rarely in the Bible does God command someone to “Stay.” He opens a door, and then he invites us to walk through it—into the unknown. And how we choose to respond will ultimately determine the life we will lead and the person we will become. In fact, to fail to embrace the open door is to

miss the work God has made for us to do. In All the Places to Go... How Will You Know?, bestselling author John Ortberg opens our eyes to the countless doors God places before us every day, teaches us how to recognize them, and gives us the encouragement to step out in faith and embrace all of the extraordinary opportunities that await.

So go ahead—walk through that door. You just might do something that lasts for eternity.

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Publisher Tyndale
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781496406118
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