The Tests of Life, Study of the Epistle of St John - CCS

By Law Robert

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The Tests of Life; Study of the Epistle of St John by Robert Law and published by Classics.

"As only a portion of the contents of this volume could be orally delivered, I have not thought it necessary to adhere to either the form or the title of "Lecture," but have assigned a separate "Chapter" to each principal topic dealt with. The method adopted in this exposition of the Epistle - that, namely, of grouping together the passages bearing upon a common theme - will be found, I trust, to have advantages which compensate in some measure for its disadvantages. That it has disadvantages, as compared with a continuous exposition, I am well aware.

These, however, I have endeavoured to minimise, by supplying in the first chapter a specially full analysis of the Epistle, by careful indexing, and by making liberal use of cross-references.

For the convenience of the reader, I have set down in the footnotes such exegetical details as seemed most necessary to explain or to establish the interpretation adopted; but where these involved lengthy or intricate discussion, they, along with all minuter points of exegesis, have been relegated to the Notes at the end of the volume. In these Notes the text of the Epistle is continuously followed."

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