NKJV - Fire Bible for Kids, Hardback Edition


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NKJV - Fire Bible for Kids, Hardback Edition published by Hendrickson.

God gave us a message to tell us about himself and his plan for our lives, and also to show us how much he loves us. We call this message the Bible. The Fire Bible for Kids has special tools to help you see God’s love in action and learn how he wants you to live.

You might wonder why we call this the Fire Bible for Kids. In the Bible, fire is often a symbol of God’s presence and power. In the Old Testament, God spoke to Moses in a burning bush and guided his people through the wilderness in the form of a pillar of fire. In the New Testament, Jesus told his followers that he would send the Holy Spirit to give them the power to serve him after he returned to heaven. Though the sign of fire occurred only on that special day, we can still receive the spiritual power that God gave to the disciples. The Fire Bible for Kids provides tools that will help young Christians be filled with the fire of God’s mighty power.

In addition to the complete Old and New Testaments, this Bible includes many extra features to help you understand God's Word.

* Over 1,200 study notes

* 66 book introductions

* 12 articles on biblical teachings

* Table of weights and measures

* Plan of salvation

* Verses to help in times of need

* Over 100 original illustrations

* Glossary

* NKJV concordance

* 8 pages of four-colour maps

* Themefinders and Themefinders index

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Publisher Hendrickson
Type Hardback
ISBN 9781619705821
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