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GNB - Good News Rainbow Bible, Hardback Edition and published by Collins.

A bright, lively edition of the UK's best-selling Bible, perfect for helping primary school children to enjoy and engage with the Bible. The perfect choice for a child's first full-text Bible, the Rainbow Good News Bible is recommended both by primary school teachers for use in class, as well as in church Sunday schools. Along with the classic, much-loved line drawings by Annie Vallotton - including many previously unseen original drawings - the Rainbow GNB retains the 24 beautiful full-colour paintings of children's favourite Bible stories.

Brand new short introductions to each book have been written especially for children by Nick Page, best-selling author of "The Bible Book", who has included a brief synopsis of each book's theme (e.g. for Genesis, "It's all about...BEGINNINGS"). Also provided is a unique range of NEW features to help young children get the most out of the Bible and to find their way around: 20 must-read passages * The life of Jesus

* A guide to the Christian year

* How did we get the Bible?

* Time-line of the Bible

* Clear headers and footers & side-bar navigation

The Rainbow Good News Bible will help to instil a love of Bible reading in children, with a translation that is both accessible and trustworthy.

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Publisher Collins
Type Hardback
ISBN 9780007480111
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